XXXI FIMS World Congress of Sports Medicine

May 19-22, 2009 - San Juan, Puerto Rico

The Continuum of Sports Medicine: From Exercise For Health to Sports Performance

Scientific Program


Medical and Clinical Aspects


Applied Sports Sciences

| | May 20 Emergency Management of Field Injuries

Emergency Management of Injuries to the Brain Spinal Cord Injury: Acute Management Dental Emergencies in Contact Sports

Early Interventions in the Rehabilitation of Sports Injuries

Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injuries Propioception Training in Ankle and Knee injuries Preventing Fibrosis in Muscle Injuries

Controversial Decisions in the Management of Sports Injuries Are Non-Steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs Harmful? Return to Play After Injury Aggressive Rehabilitation of Knee Ligamentous Injury Shoulder Injuries in the Adolescent Throwing Athlete |

May 20 Physical Activity for Health

The Challenge of Diabetes and the Metabolic Syndrome Strategies for Better Health: Counting Steps Exercise for Cancer Prevention and Rehabilitation of Survivors

Training Strategies for Elite Sports

Weight Training for Endurance and Tactical Sports Pre-competition Tapering for Different Sports

Exercise in the Heat

Pre-Cooling Methods for Performance in the Heat Acclimation Strategies Dehydration, Hyperhydration and Hyponatremia | | May 21 Telesurgery: Operative Demonstrations Special Considerations in Women Athletes

The Female Athlete Triad: New Information Eating Disorders and Disordered Eating Risk for Ligamentous Injuries

Regenerative Medicine in Sport Fundamentals in Regenerative Medicine Autologous Condrocyte Implantation Muscle and Tendon Healing | May 21

State of the Art in Sports Nutrition

Creatine and Other Supplements Manipulation of Dietary Components to Optimize Recovery After Exercise Repeated Weight Loss and Regain in Athletes The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) Symposium

The IPC and Paralympic Games Technological Advances in Paralympic Sports Controversies in the Classification of Athletes with Disabilities

Doping in the 21st Century

Doping in the Olympic Games: Past and Future Genetic Doping: Reality and Myths Use and Detection of EPO and Growth Hormone| | May 22 Recent Trends in Sports Injuries

Ultrasound versus MRI in the Diagnosis of Sports Injuries Sport Specific Aquatic Rehabilitation Tendinopathies:Therapeutic Advances Sports Medicine in the 21st Central American Games

Overview of Health Services Epidemiology of Health Problems during International Games The Role of the Team Physician during the Games | May 22 Sports Medicine in International Sports Federations

Cycling Archery and other Tactical Sports Soccer and Team Sports Lifelong Sports Competition

The Child and Adolescent Athlete The Master Athlete |