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Travel Professionals… Vacation “Life Savers”

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Doris Rivera Morales

In an ever-evolving travel industry such as this is, in which I’m proud to have been part of for almost 19 years (first, as an airline reservations agent for 8 years and for almost 11 years, as a member of Puerto Rico’s travel agencies’ guild… one of the few, one of the proud), these people who make up most of it (our Travel Professionals… or Travel Agents as they are commonly called since way back when) are generally underestimated.

Unfortunately, due to the many circumstances travel professionals face on a day-to-day basis, especially since the “internet-era” came around to help us or haunt us, whichever you see fit, they’ve come to grow numb and travelers don’t genuinely realize they are true “specialists in the art of travel.” They are professionals who strive to please their customers’ whims, no matter how low or how high-end products they may sell them. They “make dreams come true” no matter how corny this may sound.

Finding a true travel professional is also not an easy task, just as finding a good physician isn’t either. As in all fields, especially in that of medicine, it takes very special and caring people who possess additional skills such as intuition, “clairvoyance” (this is not meant to imply wizardry…), “more than 5 senses”, logistics, an avid desire of knowledge, logistics, and of utmost importance, one must be a good listener. A true travel professional cannot “Google” knowledge.

What do you think of first when you “create” the thought of traveling? A travel- professional. A dependable and creative person who will guide and offer her/his expertise through the many paths of choosing exactly what you need (howsoever streamlined or winding these paths may initially seem to you.). No unhappy surprises allowed.

Trust your next trip to a true travel professional. When you need life-saving medical advice, as the saying goes, “Consult your physician”, when you think about travel, “Consult your Travel Professional”…they too can become your vacation “life-saver”.

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